None of Those Things (Demo)

by Fraction of Sounds



Written and recorded on October 22, 2012.


Trying to accept the fact that you’re gone
Knowing nothing will ever hurt for as long
If I could, I’d go back, back into your arms
Press my ear against your chest just to hear the beating of your heart

Everything we thought we would say
Everything we thought we would do

Trying to escape from the rest of my life
Knowing every breath will cut like the edge of a knife
’Cause we can never go back; reality has changed
I really wanna go back but everything has changed

Everything we thought we would say (none of those things)
Everything we thought we would do (we became none of those things)

Replace this memory of your cold skin with your warmth
Replace this emptiness with a feeling that I’ve grown


released October 22, 2012



all rights reserved


Fraction of Sounds Stockholm, Sweden

Born in 1989. Girl with thoughts that usually end up in music.

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